Once you start looking for a juicer, it’s easy to get lost in the endless variety of products that are supposed to do the same thing – extract juice from fruit and vegetables. You can just go to the nearest store and pick up the one that is reasonably priced. It will probably work well, too. However, you might want to spend some time and do a bit of in-depth research because juicers are not just handy kitchen appliances – they are all about nutrition and health. Here is what you should look at when selecting a juicer:


You probably don’t want to spend a four-digit sum on your first juicer, but you certainly don’t want to get the very cheapest one available because that is likely to cost extra money in the long run. Our advice is to stick to the mid-range that offers juicers made of better-quality materials which means that the juicer will remain functioning for a longer time.

Prep Time

Some juicers have larger chutes than others, and some come with chutes of different sizes to fit different foods. A larger chute means that you don’t need to cut the foods into smaller pieces, and some foods, such as apples, might not require cutting at all. Also, even some of the best masticating juicers are more sensitive than the others and will require you to peel the fruit and vegetables first. If you are looking for a time saver, you definitely want to find out what prep requirements your selected model has.


You want to make sure your juicer is easy to disassemble, clean, and put back together. Unless you enjoy tinkering with appliances every other day, you should look for a juicer that does not consist of too many parts and is dishwasher-safe (most of the modern juicers are). An easy-to-clean juicer will save both your time and money.


This is especially important to look at if you are considering a lower-priced juicer. Cheap materials are not too durable so you’re likely to end up spending more money on taking the juicer to the maintenance all too often. Also, the materials that your appliance is made of must to be safe for health – after all, getting nutritious juice which is contaminated with harmful elements defeats the purpose. The best cold press and centrifugal juicers nowadays are made of BPA-free materials and high-quality stainless steel.

Star Juicers 2019 – Comparison

In this table, we have put together a selection of the best juicers of 2019.

NameSpecial FeaturesSpeed (for cold press)Price Range
Beville Brushed Stainless Steel Centrifugal Juicer• Cold Spin Function
• Noise Reduction
• Short Prep Time
• 70 fl. oz. capacity
• 3.5-inch chute
3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)
Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer – XL Chute• Double Feeder Chutes (3.15 inches + 1.5 inches)
• Up to 90% Juice Yield
• Noise under 60 dB
• Reverse Function
47-60 RPM$
Mueller Austria Centrifugal Juicer• Dual Speed
• Extra Large Chute (3 inches)
• Easy to Clean
Omega Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer• Auto Cleaning System
• Compact
43 RPM$$
Mooka Slow Masticating Juicer• Noise under 60 dB
• Up to 80% Juice Yield
80 RPM$
Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer• Noise under 60 dB
• Multi-Purpose
• Reverse Function
80 RPM$
SKG Cold Press Juicer• Turn Over Chute (3.15 inches + 1.75 inches)
• Fine Strainer + Rough Strainer
• Easy to Clean
36 RPM$$
AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer• Up to 90% Juice Yield
• Noise under 60 dB
• Reduced Vibration
• Easy to Clean
80 RPM$$$
Angel Juicer – Pro Stainless Steel Juicer• Anti-Jamming System
• Automatic Cooling System
• All Stainless-Steel Gears – No Plastic Parts
82 RPM$$$$
ZERK9 Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press• Professional Quality
• Ergonomic Handle
• Easy to Clean

1. Beville Brushed Stainless Steel Centrifugal Juicer

This Breville juicer works very hard to mitigate the traditional downsides of the centrifugal juicers while enhancing their strengths to the maximum. First of all, it boasts the unique Cold Spin Technology that makes juice flow through the stainless-steel cutting disk inside the Italian micro mesh filter thus preventing the temperature from increasing significantly. This is a very important advantage since centrifugal juicers are sometimes accused of producing too much heat which might destroy the nutrients. This defeats the purpose of having a juicer because the resulting juice is lacking nutritional value. However, the centrifugal juicers of the newest generations have found a way to avoid this problem and yield juice of the same high quality as the best cold press juicers do.

Another great feature of this juicer is the reduced prep time. This model has a 3.5inch wide chute so that you don’t need to cut the fruit and vegetables before feeding them into the machine – it can easily handle whole apples or other similar foods (while also working great with berries and greens), so the prep time has been cut to a minimum. As if that wasn’t enough, the Fast setting allows it to produce juice up to 5 times faster than the best masticating juicers.

A larger chute, naturally, means bigger capacity. This juicer has a jug that can hold up to 70 fl. oz. of fresh juice which you can seal and keep in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Another known fault of the centrifugal juicers, when compared to the masticating juicers, is the level of noise they produce. Breville has also solved this problem – they have added the Noise Reduction option that, when enabled, makes the juicer an entire 40% quieter.

On top of all that, this juicer is very easy to clean.

2. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer – XL Chute

This masticating juicer comes with a double feeder so that you could feed it both the smaller foods and the larger ones, without having to spend your time cutting them into little chunks. The larger chute is 3.15 inches wide and can easily handle apples or oranges, while the smaller one, for carrots, celery or cilantro, and other leafy greens, is 1.5 inches in width. The wide chutes mean reduced prep time which, together with the excellent quality of yielded juice, makes this Aobosi juicer model one of the best masticating juicers out there.

When we say this is a slow masticating juicer, we really mean slow: the auger in it turns at only 47-60 RPM. It takes its time separating the juice from the pulp, and the result is nearly perfect – the juice yield is up to 90%. Not only does this machine yield a lot of juice, but it also makes sure to preserve all the vitamins and minerals and produce pulp-free juice that has a higher nutritional value and tastes great. Naturally, you need quality to produce quality. All the gears and insides of this juicer are BPA-free and made out of the best and safest materials.

This juicer also safety seriously. The safety system will not allow the juicer to operate unless the cover is properly in place.

This cold press juicer is also very easy to take apart and clean: it has the Reverse function to help you deal with the bits and pieces that got stuck, comes with a brush for manual cleaning, and is also safe to clean in the dishwasher.

The last but not the least to note about this cold press juicer is the noise factor. Its powerful motor runs under 60 decibels so that it contributes to your wellbeing in more than one way.

3. Mueller Austria Centrifugal Juicer

This centrifugal juicer will do everything to save your time and provide you with high-quality juice. First of all, it has an extra-large, 3-inch chute, so that you can fit an entire apple or pear into it without spending time on the prep. However, when having it deal with large amounts of fruit or vegetables, you don’t need to be afraid of it overheating – this smart appliance has an anti-overload system that monitors the state of the motor and will shut it off if anything appears to go wrong. A safety lock ensures that the lid stays tightly on while the juicer is doing its job, and the anti-drip system guarantees that all the juice gets into your glass and no spillage occurs. It is also equipped with silicone suction feet at the bottom to prevent it from slipping off your counter.

Mueller juicer is not only safe in operation, but it is also made of high- quality BPA-free material so that you don’t get any harmful elements mixed up with your juice. The cutting disc is stainless steel, with the micro mesh surrounding it. This construction is safe and healthy to use and also easy to disassemble and clean.

Another feature of this juicer are the two speed options. Speed 1 is 12000-15000 RPM. It is meant for softer foods such as tomatoes or citrus fruit. Speed 2 is faster, 15000-18000 RPM, and is best suited for grinding harder fruit and vegetables, such as beets or carrots. Whatever speed option you select, this juicer is awesomely fast. In about eight seconds, it will yield around 16 fl. oz. of a nutritious and tasty drink.

All things considered, this is likely to be the best centrifugal juicer in its price range. It looks good, it’s built well, and it delivers your vitamin-loaded juice in a wonderfully short time.

4. Omega Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer

Omega slow masticating juicer is the world’s first patented juicer that uses the Slow Squeezing Technology. It rotates a dual-edge auger at the speed of 43 RPM so that the heat build-up and oxidation are kept to a minimum, making sure the juice retains its useful enzymes, minerals, and other nutrients that are notoriously sensitive to heat and extra oxygen. The dual-edge auger is also responsible for the extra smooth texture of the juice as the fiber is broken down very thoroughly releasing all the tastes and vitamins. Delayed oxidation also means that the juice will have a richer color and can be stored for a longer time.

Omega juicer is a multi-purpose appliance: it works equally well with all foods, be it fruit, vegetables or leafy greens. You can also use it to mix juices and even make nut milk.

This cold press juicer is particular about cleanliness: it’s easy to take apart and wash, and the Auto-Cleaning system will make sure that the screen stays clean and the post-juicing cleaning process is reduced to a minimum. Pulp ejection is automatic, and the juice tab is equipped with the no-drip mechanism, so you can be sure that your juicer does not make a mess.

One thing that may perhaps keep this juicer from being called the very best masticating juicer out there is the prep time it requires. It can handle any type of foods, from nuts to beetroot, but the chute is not too large so that you will need to take your time and cut the fruit or vegetables into pieces before feeding them into the machine. This is especially important if you want to juice harder foods, such as carrots. However, once they have been properly cut, the juicer will have no problem turning them into a nutritious drink.

5. Mooka Slow Masticating Juicer

This is a very versatile masticating juicer that can get the juice out of pretty much everything: from apples to potatoes to ginger and leafy greens. Just switch it to “Soft” or “Hard” mode and enjoy the great result. If any of the food pieces get caught inside the juicer, you can use the Reverse mode to free them.

This juicer’s high performance is due to a three-stage spiral auger which is larger than in most cold press juicers. It first chops the foods, then squeezes the juice, and then finishes with a micro squeeze. The auger’s rotation speed is 80 RPM. It keeps all the enzymes and vitamins in the drink while preventing foaming, clogging, and oxidation, and ensuring that the juice yield is 60-80% higher than from most of the centrifugal juicers. Low rotation speed also means that the shelf life of the juice is longer – because the exposure to heat and oxygen is kept to a minimum, you can store the juice in the fridge for up to 72 hours without it going off.

Surprisingly, the powerful motor inside this juicer keeps the noise at a very reasonable level, under 60 decibels.

Mooka juicer may sound like a complicated machine, but it is really easy to disassemble and clean, by hand or in a dishwasher. The parts are made of high-quality materials and are completely BPA-free. It is also a safe appliance to have in a home with children as it has no blades or any sharp bits.

You might think that this high-performance machine takes up a lot of space on the counter, but in fact, is it a small juicer – its dimensions are only 17.1 x 12.5 x 11.1 inches which makes it the best cold press juicer to get if you’re short on space.

6. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

This slow masticating juicer is a real hard worker. It is a multi-purpose appliance that can extract juice from fruit, vegetables, greens – you name it and this machine will juice it! It is equally convenient to use with soft juice-filled fruit, such as apples or grapes, berries, and greens, such as the wheatgrass. It does a great job keeping the pulp out of the juice and yields a nutritious drink which is full of vitamins, has rich natural color, smooth texture, and no foaming of clogging.

The auger in this slow juicer turns at 80 RPM, keeping the heat and oxidation at a very low level so that the juice loses none of its vitamins and minerals but keeps its original color and flavor for as long as possible. Thanks to the cold press technology, the amount of juice you get from this appliance is larger than what most of the centrifugal juicers would yield: up to 20% more juice that contains up to 30% more vitamins.

This small juicer’s 150-watt motor enables it to save your time and produce the juice quickly. However, a powerful motor does not mean excessive noise – on the contrary, the noise level is very low, under 60 decibels.

This cold press juicer keeps the waste to a minimum. It works on your foods very thoroughly making sure to extract maximum juice and leaving the pulp dry. Plus, it is very easy to wash and safe to clean in a dishwasher.

One thing that you need to keep in mind about this otherwise excellent juicer is the required prep time. The fruit and vegetables need to be peeled, pitted, and cut into pieces as the chute is rather small. It certainly is a safety benefit because your hands are unlikely to get injured, but it is hardly a time-saver.

7. SKG Cold Press Juicer

This cold press juicer has an interesting feature that sets it apart from the rest of the slow masticating juicers: Turn-Over Chute. This flip chute makes inserting the foods safer and protects your fingers from the hungry jaws of the machine. In fact, there are two apertures: the 3.15-inch flip for larger fruit and vegetables and the smaller, 1.75-inch one. This system does not only save your fingers – it saves your time by reducing the necessary prep to a bare minimum. The bigger chute can handle whole apples and foods of similar size in one piece so that you don’t need to bother with peeling and cutting. Carrots, celery, ginger and suchlike can go into the smaller chute. Regardless of which opening you use the result will be excellent.

The juice yielded by this slow masticating juicer is both tasty and nutritious. Not only does this juicer produce good-quality juice, it produces more of it. When tested against some of its competitor models, SKG cold press juicer was found to yield 70% more orange juice, 78% more apple juice and 80.5% more celery juice. This elegant machine harbors a 250W motor that rotates the auger at low speed allowing it to extract every last ounce of the juice leaving only the dry pulp.

Speaking of pulp, you can regulate the amount of it in your juice. If you prefer your juice to have as little pulp as possible, you can use a finer strainer that keeps all of the pulp away. For those who enjoy having some pulp in their fresh juice, there is the rougher strainer, so that every taste is catered for.

Is this juicer easy to clean, though? Yes, it is. You can take it apart with no effort at all and use the cleaning brush that comes together with this appliance.

8. AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer

This multi-purpose slow masticating juicer takes just a few minutes to work its way through almost any type of fruit or vegetables. It accepts wheatgrass, leafy greens, oranges, carrots, and much more, and yields rich, nutritious juice along with a handful of dry pulp.

This cold press juicer makes sure that the juice retains the highest possible amount of vitamins and minerals and, when compared to the centrifugal juicers that use the rotating blade, yields 60-80% more juice due to the thorough work performed by its auger that slowly rotates at 80 RPM. This rotation speed helps preserve all the useful components in the juice by not letting the heat and excess of oxygen affect the product. If the oxidation process is too intense, the juice will be discolored, with less pronounced taste and shorter shelf life. The heat generated by some juicers destroys the valuable nutrients. However, none of these need to be your concern when using the AICOK masticating juicer – it keeps the harmful influences under control and ensures that no foaming or clogging occurs. In addition, the Reverse function is there to help you out if any of the food pieces get stuck.

This juicer is a silent one. Inside its 150W motor, there is a special gear that serves to reduce the vibration and noise.

This is a sturdy, heavy-duty machine that is surprisingly easy to clean: its powerful but simple mechanism can be disassembled with no difficulty at all and is dishwasher-safe.

While this model is easy to maintain and does not require much prep time, you need to be aware of two things. First, it is not recommended to keep this juicer running for longer than 20 minutes without a break. Second, hard items, such as large seeds or nuts, should be avoided as they might cause the juicer to break.

9. Angel Juicer – Stainless Steel Juicer

This awe-inspiring, “upgraded and reinforced” slow masticating juicer is a sturdy and reliable machine made of high-grade stainless steel. In fact, it’s so reliable that the manufacturer’s warranty on motor and gears is ten years. It weighs 30 pounds, but the measurements are reasonable: 19.5 x 7.8 x 10.5 inches.

This slow masticating juicer is equipped with an impressive anti-jamming system. In case of an overload, it will adjust the speed to prevent the mechanism from breaking. If jammed, it will also reverse automatically. The cooling system is also automatic and will stop the juicer from overheating. The thermal sensor controls the temperature of the motor, so this clever machine can look after itself pretty well and can stand a lot of strain without breaking or malfunctioning.

All in all, this slow masticating juicer is the embodiment of reliability: all the gears are made of steel, there are no plastic screws, and the most important details, such as the motor and the cooling system, have received additional reinforcement. It is very durable, possibly the best masticating juicer you can get.

Its performance matches the construction. The 8-3/8-inch-long stainless-steel gears rotate at the speed of 82 RPM, breaking down the fiber and making sure that the juice that you get is full of vitamins while the cooling system helps preserve the nutrients. This cold press juicer yields the final product that is full of nutrients, tastes good and stays fresh longer.

Angel juicer may look like it is only warranted for the commercial use, but in fact, it’s not. While it could be used in a juice bar, this is not a commercial juicer; it is intended for use at home and, due to its impressive high quality and durability, might last long enough to provide juices for more than one generation of your family.

10. ZERK9 Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press

This is a manual juicer that offers professional-level quality. Despite this being a commercial juicer, it is equally suitable for everyday use at home and will not take much space on your kitchen counter (its dimensions are modest 12.5 x 17.7 x 9.7 inches). It features an ergonomic rubber handle that can withstand as much pressure as 2,300 PSI, so you hardly need to be afraid of breaking it. The handle also gives you extra leverage (after all, it’s juicing, not workout). The elegant construction has a heavy base that provides stability and holds the appliance firmly in place. It’s also equipped with four suction feet, so if your counter is made out of granite or glass, it will have an even firmer grip. The juicer is made of high-quality cast iron and stainless steel – heavy-duty, durable materials that will last long enough for the juicer to pay off many times over.

This commercial cold press juicer is the perfect choice if you plan to juice citrus fruit, and, thanks to its clever design, it will make sure that you do not miss a single drop of the precious vitamin-loaded liquid.

Due to its simple construction, this juicer is really easy to clean: there are only two pieces, the funnel and the cone, that you need to dismantle and wash. These parts are also safe to put into the dishwasher.

Jupiter Press is a great time-saver: it requires no prep time, just cut the oranges, grapefruit or lime in half, and they’re ready to go in and yield all the valuable juice once you press on the lever. No peeling is needed too – this manual juicer is designed to work with fruit with the hard rind on them. The only time you need to remove the outer rind is when using the pomegranates (yes, this appliance can also juice those).

Want to Learn More?

Juicing has been a trend among healthy lifestyle fans for a long time now, and for a good reason too. Freshly pressed juices contain more nutrients, they’re essentially a vitamin explosion contained in your glass. They help detoxify your body and improve your skin making it feel and look fresher and younger (saving on makeup as a bonus). The variety that juicing allows for is almost endless: you can juice almost any fruit and vegetables, mix the juices, create smoothies using freshly pressed juice, you name it. All you need is a proper juicer.

Choosing your one and only juicer might prove a tricky task: there are plenty of juicers out there, of all shapes and sizes, enough to suit every taste. Thus, when looking for a juicer, the main question that you should answer is – what is your taste in juice? Once this has been established, you can select the juicer that gives you exactly what you want. First of all, you want to define the price range for the juicer and try to balance out the price and quality. Second, you need to find out how much prep time particular juicers require, and, third, how easy they are to disassemble and clean. In addition to that, it would be useful to learn about the basic differences between the centrifugal and masticating juicers and find out which factors nutrition and shelf life of the juice. Also, you should find out what materials the juicer is made of and if they are indeed safe to use with foods. Juicers also have different noise level, and some are known to vibrate. So much to consider, right?

However, once you have made the purchase, your journey in the magical world of juicing has just begun. You will now have more questions about the fruit and vegetables, their nutritional value, and how they work in a juicer. You will soon find yourself wondering what are the top juices to make and what are the best vegetables to juice. Also, the best juice cleanse recipes are a useful thing to have so that you can detox your body as well as get an energy boost. We plan to answer these questions (and more) in our upcoming articles.

If you want to learn more about the difference between the slow masticating juicers (also called cold press juicers) and centrifugal juicers, please check out our next article.